St Stanislaus College and LPC Trading reunite in another educational visit

After a successful visit by past students which led to the highest results achieved by the food technology students in the HSC, St Stanislaus College and LPC again teamed up to provide the Food Technology students a rare look at how our food is produced.

On the 8th March 2019, Michelle Enright and Justin Langfield provided the students with another enriching excursion opening up a lively debate on the various production systems including both caged and free range egg production . Students were given a tour of our feed mill and explained how nutrition plays a pivotal role in good egg and pork production regardless of the actual production environment.

The students then toured both our caged egg production facility and our free range farm, showing them the  various differences in producing an egg ready for human consumption. In conjunction  with the tour, students were given a brochure which also highlights the whole business from feed production to delivery of product to the marketing companies, who then package the products to go out onto supermarket shelves.

The students had a fun filled day of learning, as well as being given the opportunity to ask questions about animal welfare and other topics presented on social and news media formats. This allowed them to make up their own minds in what they felt was the best practice to produce one of our basic protein stables – the humble egg.

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