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Managing Director LPC Poultry – Brett Langfield

Accreditation held with Egg Corp Assured (ECA) since 2002

LPC Poultry the original core business has evolved in line with industry standard and expectations developing world class facilities and providing best practice hen welfare and quality eggs. This diverse division also incorporates the rearing of layer pullets for placement in the cage and free range facilities. Our egg production facilities undergo annual auditing by an industry approved body to maintain quality assurance accreditation.

Evolution of the Poultry Division

2001 – Colony or aviary style caged facility was commenced to meet the changing needs of the industry and remove outdated cages.

2005 – New Pullet Rearing facility.

2010 – First Free Range facilities development commenced, responding to customer demand.

2013 – Upgrade to Free Range Rearing facilities.

2018 – Commenced development of a brand new aviary rearing facility in Temora, NSW

2019 – Commenced development of a brand new, 7 shed aviary production facility in Temora, NSW

2019 – Development completed for the new aviary rearing facility, housing 64,000 birds. First day old chicks arrived on the 4th July 2019

2019 – First shed completed for the aviary production site, and birds were placed on the 10th October 2019

2020 – The completion of the  Temora production site which now houses 240,000 hens over 7 sheds.

The future of egg production

LPC has welcomed the completion of the new Aviary free-range rearing and free-range production sites located in Temora, NSW. The rearing farm currently has 2 sheds; housing 34,000 birds from Day 1 to 16 weeks. The production site is in full operation, housing 240,000 birds over 7 sheds in a new aviary free-range system.


Free Ranging

As part of birds roaming outside of the house, we use straw and equipment to encourage the birds outside and to keep the hens active.


Raised Platforms

Whilst hens are inside the houses, it is also important that they are kept busy. With the installation of raised platforms, LPC is encouraging the hens to move around the house, jumping up to the perching and raised platforms, and then flying back down to the feeding and drinking areas.


Egg Collection

As part of our daily egg collection process, eggs are transported to the central egg collection areas for packing. The high quality eggs from our production facilities are sold to customers every day.


Egg Transportation

Eggs are daily transported for future sales to customers via our refrigerated transport equipment to ensure the eggs are kept at the best quality for the consumer.


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