Local Member Steph Cook visits LPC Trading

Local member Steph Cooke accepted LPC Trading’s invitation to visit with the directors Simon, Brett and Justin at LPC Tradings’ main operations.

Steph was impressed with the overall integration of the business and our commercial feedmill, free range and colony cage production facilities. Steph and the directors discussed various topics including;

  • Local road access including the ability to utilise efficient vehicles for higher mass operations
  • Limitations on expanding for local business, due to essential services infrastructure and access
  • Expansion into the Temora shire with a 4 House rearing facility and two 7 House Free Range layer sites
  • The practicalities of cage verses free range commercial production; to provide efficient management and operational costs, in line with industry best practice for hen welfare, quality shell eggs production  and the effect on price to the end consumer
  • Understanding that staff are our biggest asset in any business.

Steph is keen to assist in any areas that she can to help cultivate growth for our region and businesses such as ours to continue to develop, creating jobs for local constituents.

Steph brings an energy and fresh approach to addressing the issues that hold back our regional areas, in terms of real growth and development. This support from our local member has strengthened our belief in continuing to build a strong, well structured business for the future. Steph has made it a priority working with the RMS and local councils to improve infrastructure  and road access across the region.

see more at  stephcooke.com.au